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Guest Credibility Checklist

Introducing the Guest Credibility Checklist, a downloadable tool designed for podcasters seeking the perfect guest. This checklist serves as your guide to assess the credibility of potential guests, ensuring a high-quality conversation for your listeners. 

What's inside?


Credibility Assessment: A comprehensive list of factors to consider when evaluating a potential guest’s credibility.


Scoring System: An easy-to-follow scoring system to help you make objective decisions.



Booking Criteria: Clear guidelines on when to book a guest based on their score.

Expertise Evaluation: Tips on how to verify a guest’s expertise in their field.


Guest Appeal: Guidance on assessing whether a guest’s topic or personality will resonate with your audience.

Here's 3 Reasons You Need This Freebie

Guest Credibility Checklist - Cut Out

Don’t miss out on finding the perfect guests for your podcast!

Grab your Guest Credibility Checklist now and ensure you’re inviting the most engaging and credible guests to your show. It’s a game-changer for all podcasters!

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