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Marketing Package

Turn your podcast into a cash machine, save time and resources with a podcast-led marketing strategy.

The pro's of a podcast-led marketing strategy.

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Out of this World Stellar

Podcast Services

You'll receive the ultimate VIP treatment for your podcast. When you choose us for all of your podcast marketing needs, you also receive the full suite of podcasting services under the Out of this World Stellar package offering (learn more here).

Search Engine Optimized

Blog Articles

Expand your podcast's reach with our SEO blog article service! We transform your podcast episodes into search engine-optimized blog posts, ensuring higher visibility in search results for your podcast's theme.


Our engaging and informative posts feature strategically placed keywords, as well as multimedia elements like images and videos. By posting these articles on your website, you can attract fresh podcast listeners, as interested readers are inclined to explore your podcast episodes through the provided links.


Captivating Episode


Elevate your podcast engagement with our tailored email creation service. We craft compelling emails designed to entice your subscribers to tune in to your latest podcast episode.


Our expertly crafted messages pique curiosity and highlight the episode's key points, alluring your audience to click and listen. Whether it's a sneak peek, intriguing anecdotes, or captivating quotes, our emails are strategically structured to drive your subscribers to hit play, keeping them eagerly tuned in to your podcast journey.

Ignite Engagement

Social Posts

Amplify your podcast's social presence with our all-in-one social media content creation service! We seamlessly integrate video and audio snippets, carousels, and captivating quote posts to entice and engage new listeners, compelling them to explore your latest episode.


Our dynamic approach ensures a diverse and engaging social feed, offering teasers, immersive journeys, and resonating quotes that showcase the best of your podcast's content. With this multifaceted content strategy, your audience not only stops and listens but also becomes an essential part of your podcast's expanding community, guaranteeing increased engagement and broader reach.




Streamline your podcast promotion with our all-in-one scheduling service. We take the reins on managing your social media posts, blog articles, and podcast marketing endeavors, ensuring that your latest episode receives the attention it deserves while you enjoy peace of mind.


Our expert team meticulously plans and schedules your content, strategically designed to attract and engage new listeners. By entrusting us with this comprehensive task, you can focus on what you do best—creating outstanding podcast content—knowing that your marketing efforts are in capable hands, all aimed at expanding your listener base with minimal hassle on your part.

Our Signature Stellar Package

Monthly Retainer Cost in USD. Includes services 2x Monthly (any episode length).

Podcast-Led Marketing Content Strategy


/ month

Podcast project management

Blog Articles

Audio Editing


Show Notes

Episode Scheduling & Distribution

Analytics Reporting


Video Audio Snippets + Captions

Carousel Posts + Captions

Quote Posts + Captions

Marketing Efforts Scheduling

Price is in USD. 

Add-On Opportunities

Monthly Retainer Cost in USD. Includes services 2x Monthly (any episode length).

Guest Booking and Coordination


/ month

Research Top Talent Guests

Guest Acquisition

Scheduling Interviews

Guest Marketing Assets

Guest Communication

Guest Promotional Requests

Price is in USD. 

Script Ideation and Topic Support


/ month

Research Trending Topics

Episode Topic Proposals

Script Outlines

Script Feedback

Price is in USD. 

Podcast Conversion to Video


/ month

Video-Specific Podcast Edit

YouTube Adapted Show Notes

YouTube Scheduling

YouTube Thumbnail

Price is in USD. 

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