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How to Start a Health and Fitness Podcast in 5 Easy Steps

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Man Stretching While Listening To A Podcast
How to Start a Health and Fitness Podcast in 5 Easy Steps

I am guessing you already know why you want to start a podcast but, I’m going to give you a quick rundown of three reasons why you should start a podcast for your health and fitness brand today.

1. It’s easier to be seen in a saturated market.

A podcast is a platform, just like Instagram or YouTube is. And similar to a visual content platform, your goal is to increase your followers or subscribers so you can increase sales.

But what’s very special about podcasts is that it’s actually still in its infancy, unlike Instagram or YouTube.

Trying to start a platform on YouTube is like dropping a grain of sand on a beach and hoping to find it again.

With 51 millions channels, it’s almost impossible to make a splash. In contrast, there are currently around 5 million podcasts and countless ways to rise to the top. Spotify and Apple are putting a lot of spend behind their podcasts, which means they’re on your side and want you to grow.

2. “The single thing that has grown my business is a podcast.” - Cathay Heller from Don’t Keep Your Day Job.

Podcast listeners take podcasts along on their most intimate moments of the day. They’ve shut off (most of) their devices.

Girl Listening With Headphones on the floor

They’re going for a walk, commuting to work, or exercising. It’s their alone time. This opens the door for intimacy and connection. The listeners are also more invested.

93% of listeners say they listen to a majority of each podcast.

You can compare this to YouTube’s average viewing consumption rate of 50%. What this means is listeners become attached to the podcasters they listen to.

Pair this with the stat that over 55% of listeners have bought something directly from a podcast ad and we’ve got a big opportunity for you to serve your community.

3. You become the authority in your space of interest.

Whether you’re a yoga teacher, fitness coach or wellness brand, starting a podcast instantly makes you more credible. Why, you ask? 74% of podcast listeners tune in to learn new things.

Yoga Teacher showing people how to do the excercise

What this indicates is that podcasts have become known for being a place to learn. And who starts podcasts? People who have something to teach. This is where you come in.

The fact that you have made health and fitness your passion and living indicates that you do, in fact, know a lot about your industry. It may roll off your tongue easily but, to the 383 million podcast listeners globally, it’s new information they are ready to learn.

Now that you know why you should start a podcast (other than the fact that you’re excited about it!), the question becomes, how do you start?

Here are your first five steps to success.

1. Choose a topic.

Before you start recording, it's important to have a clear focus for your podcast. Choose a topic and niche that is relevant to your brand and resonates with your target audience. Brainstorm your podcast and niche and name right now!

2. Set up your recording studio.

You'll need a microphone, headphones, and a recording tool to get started. There are many affordable options available, including USB microphones and smartphone apps, so you don't have to break the bank to get started.

Our free guide here includes a current shopping list of equipment you can purchase today.

3. Name your podcast and create a show description.

Your podcast's name and description should clearly convey the focus of your show and help listeners understand what they can expect to learn from each episode. Let us help you create an impactful description sure to turn heads - I mean, ears.

4. Create a professional trailer.

A trailer is a short audio clip that introduces your podcast to potential listeners. It should be catchy, engaging, and give listeners a sense of what they can expect from your show. Our easy launch package includes a professional trailer; check it out here!

A person watching a trailer of a podcast

A trailer is a short audio clip that introduces your podcast to potential listeners. It should be catchy, engaging, and give listeners a sense of what they can expect from your show.

5. Design your digital artwork.

Your podcast's artwork is the first thing listeners will see when they search for your show, so it's important to create something eye-catching and professional.

You can use free tools like Canva or hire a designer through Brave Moon Podcasts to help you create artwork that accurately reflects your brand.

Starting a podcast can be a fantastic way to grow your health and fitness brand and reach a wider audience. It's still a relatively new platform, which means there is plenty of opportunity for you to make a splash.

By providing valuable information and creating a strong connection with your listeners, you can establish yourself as an authority in your industry and drive sales for your business.

With a clear focus, the right recording setup, a compelling trailer and professional artwork, you can successfully launch your own podcast and start reaching and serving more people through this powerful medium.

Start Your Podcast Today with Our Guide Template - Begin Your Podcasting Adventure Right Now!

Happy podcasting.

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