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  • The Fearless Interviewer's ToolBox

    Are you a podcast host who wants to invite amazing guests to your show, but don’t know how to reach out, prepare, and impress them? Do you want to save time and hassle in managing your guest workflow, from booking to promotion? Do you want to boost your podcast’s credibility, reach, and impact with high-quality interviews?


    If you answered yes…


    then you need The Fearless Interviewer’s Toolbox - a collection of templates and resources designed to help you attract and delight top-tier podcast guests.


    Brave Moon Podcasts’ executive producer shared, “This is everything you could possibly need to nail your guest interviews.”


    Check out these amazing guests featured, all thanks to the power of The Fearless Interviewer’s Toolbox:


    • Sir Richard Branson

    • The Holistic Psychologist (Dr Nicole Le Pera)

    • D.S. Moss

    • And hundreds more.


    Why? Because these templates help you get more confident in your interview skills, attract top-tiered talent, and delight your guests.


    With The Fearless Interviewer’s Toolbox, you will get access to:


    • Episode Planning Template: A simple and effective way to plan your podcast episodes, including the topic, format, goals, and key points.

    • Interview Questions: A list of proven and engaging questions to ask your guests, tailored to their expertise, background, and personality.

    • Guest Preparation and Bio Form: A form to send to your guests before the interview, to collect their name, short bio, links/resources, social media handles, and any special requests or preferences.

    • Guest Email Templates: A set of professional and friendly email templates to communicate with your guests, from the initial invitation to follow-up messages.

    • Guests Promotion and Marketing Tips: A guide to help you promote your podcast episodes with your guests, and leverage their network and influence to grow your audience.

    • Guide to Vet Great Guests: A checklist to help you evaluate potential guests for your podcast, and avoid wasting time and energy on unsuitable or unreliable ones.

    • Trello Board Template (Guest Workflow): A ready-made Trello board to manage your guest workflow, from booking to publishing, with customizable columns, cards, and labels.

    • BONUS RESOURCE - How to Feel Confident: A bonus resource to help you overcome your fears and doubts, and feel confident and comfortable in interviewing your guests.


    The Fearless Interviewer’s Toolbox is the ultimate solution for podcast hosts who want to level up their guest game and create memorable and valuable interviews. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned podcaster, you will find The Fearless Interviewer’s Toolbox useful and easy to use.

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