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5 Minutes to Podcast Clarity: A Quickstart Guide

Take control of your podcast's success with our step-by-step program and learn everything you need to know before starting your podcast. And it's only $95! 5 Minutes to Podcast Clarity is a program specifically tailored for Health & Fitness coaches, small business owners and wellness entrepreneurs. Over the course of just five 1-minute explorative, highly-informative videos and a comprehensive guidebook, this step-by-step program will guide you through the key considerations before creating your own podcast. Before diving into episode creation, recording audio, or choosing a host, this program is designed to help you create the best podcast possible for your audience and achieve optimal results. By going through the program, you'll be able to build a podcast that is best suited for your audience, streamline the creation process and increase the chances of success. About the course: - All 5 modules will be made available to you from the first day of purchase - You have 12 weeks to complete the course - A complementary downloadable guidebook will be provided to you at the beginning - We'll cover podcast strategy, your ideal listener, market research, your outcome, and podcast validation - You'll also receive a BONUS Start-a-Podcast Checklist and Next Steps Sorry, no refunds. But you will receive a bonus to spend on future courses and services at Brave Moon Podcasts!


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