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Launch Your Podcast

Launch Your Podcast

Transform your podcast into reality with our comprehensive launch package. Let us help you bring your vision to life and succeed from the start.

The Pro's to starting a podcast.


Compared to other forms of advertising, podcasts are a great option for health and fitness professionals looking to reach a targeted audience on a budget.

Powerful Marketing Tool

Allows you to reach a specific audience through targeted advertising and sponsorship opportunities, and builds trust and credibility with listeners.

Expands Your Reach

Podcasts are an amazing way to speak intimately to your target audience, reaching a large and dedicated audience of potential customers.

And the Con's.


Launching a podcast can be a time-consuming process, especially if a person is trying to do it all on their own.

Limited Resources

It can be challenging if you don't have access to the necessary resources, such as high-quality audio equipment, or an experienced team of professionals.


It can be a complex process, and it's easy to make mistakes if a person doesn't have the necessary knowledge and experience.

That's why working with Brave Moon Podcasts is the best decision you'll make.

Because we make podcasts easy.


Launch your podcast

The complete package

Personalized Audio Setup

I'll help you choose the best equipment for recording your podcast at home, including personalized recommendations and pricing information for everything you'll need. I'll provide resources you need to ensure the best possible recording experience.

Theme Song Selection

No need to worry about sourcing and licensing music on your own - we've got you covered. Based on the genre and theme of your show, we'll provide you with a curated selection of six copyright-free tracks to choose from, ensuring that you have the perfect audio backdrop for every episode.

Digital Artwork

Attract new listeners with eye-catching digital artwork for your podcast. Whether you have your own photography or want to use stock or digital artwork, our team of design experts will create a beautiful thumbnail image that will make your podcast stand out.

Complete Workflow Setup

Let me help you stay organized and on track with every episode through a comprehensive and easy-to-use file and project management system. You'll also receive a full list of templates to help you grow and monetize your podcast more effectively.

Professional Trailer

Get your audience excited for your podcast with a professionally-produced 60-second trailer. Whether you choose to use your own voiceover or opt for a premium-sourced option, we'll work with you to craft the perfect script that showcases the compelling story and content of your podcast.

Spotify and Apple Podcasts

I will handle all the technical details of getting your new podcast onto Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other popular listening platforms, ensuring that your show is easy to find and accessible to a wide audience from the live date!

Podcast Niche and Segments

Let me help you find the perfect podcast niche to fit your target audience and create a plan for the most effective episode segments for your specific podcast. Together, we'll strategize to ensure that your podcast is a success.

Podcast Marketing Copy

Improve your search engine optimization (SEO) with a well-crafted podcast description. A well-written description can help increase the visibility of your podcast on the web. Let us help you create a compelling and SEO-friendly podcast description that will help your podcast reach a wider audience.

First 5 Episodes Included

My team will work with you to ensure that your podcast is ready to go live with its first 5 episodes. From audio editing and show notes creation to marketing support, we'll help you handle all the details and support you every step of the way. 

Launch Your Podcast

The Complete Package includes:

  • 45-minute launch strategy call (establish niche, mission and KPIs)

  • 60-minute production call (establish plan of action and production timeline)

  • Personalized audio setup consultation

  • Theme song selection

  • 60-second professional trailer

  • 100-word Podcast description

  • Digital artwork for podcast's hero thumbnail image

  • Podcast hosting setup

  • Set up podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more

  • 4 episodes edited and scheduled to go live

  • Google Drive setup

  • Production Planner and analytics spreadsheet template 

  • Podcast launch and management Trello board

  • Show notes Google Doc template

  • Templates for guest communication and pitching

Let's get started! Message me to discuss launching your podcast.

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