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How Meg Durham Went from $11.26 in the Bank to a Thriving Business with a Podcast

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Key Highlights

Top 10% of all podcasts globally.

Consistently ranks in the top 50 education and self-improvement podcasts.

93% listener demographics match her key target audience.

Grew downloads 77.9% in 2023.

“I am so grateful for the younger version of me that decided to give the podcast a crack.”

Meg Durham

About the Podcast and Host:

Meg Durham is a former teacher turned wellbeing expert. Her podcast, "The School of Wellbeing" is aimed at tired teachers on the verge of burnout. In the podcast, Meg shares teacher-proof ways to manage time and energy, offering practical tips and tools for navigating the demands of school life while prioritizing self-care and wellbeing. Through real-life conversations with experts, Meg provides actionable skills to help teachers become powerful leaders in the wellbeing space. As someone who experienced burnout during her teaching career, Meg aims to create a supportive space for educators to replenish their joy and prioritize their own health and wellbeing.

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Meg Durham faced burnout as a teacher, witnessing similar struggles among her colleagues. She noticed a lack of support and resources for teacher wellbeing, leading her to leave teaching and seek ways to prioritize her own health and happiness.

Before starting her podcast, Meg Durham had been attempting to make her business work, but she faced significant financial challenges. Meg was down to a mere $11.26 in her business account, indicating a dire financial situation. This low balance highlighted the precariousness of her situation and underscored her uncertainty about her future career path. Meg felt the pressure of needing to generate income to support herself and her family, especially amidst the financial strain brought about by the pandemic. Despite her dedication and efforts, she was struggling to make ends meet, leaving her feeling uncertain about what steps to take next in her professional life.


Hearing about the groundbreaking power of podcasts, Meg Durham took a leap of faith and started "The School of Wellbeing" podcast. Through the podcast, she aimed to address the burnout experienced by teachers like herself and provide practical strategies for managing time and energy while prioritizing wellbeing. The podcast became a platform for Meg to amplify important conversations about teacher wellbeing, drawing on real-life stories and insights from experts. By sharing her own experiences and hosting discussions with guests, Meg empowered educators to prioritize self-care and find joy amidst the demands of school life.

Starting the podcast proved to be transformative for Meg both personally and professionally. Despite financial constraints and uncertainty, she took a leap of faith, leading to newfound success and opportunities. The podcast enabled her to connect with schools and associations on staff wellbeing, fostering meaningful engagements and partnerships. Moreover, it provided a platform for Meg to make a positive impact on the lives of educators, helping them navigate challenges and thrive in their profession. Overall, "The School of Wellbeing" podcast emerged as a solution to Meg's struggles, paving the way for personal growth, professional fulfillment, and meaningful contributions to the education community.

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