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We are a podcast production agency, on a mission to amplify voices that will better the world.

We understand health and fitness because we are health and fitness.

We work with health, fitness and wellness brands, coaches, small business owners and wellness entrepreneurs to create successful podcasts so that they can grow their business, boost brand awareness and better the world through responsible and authentic storytelling.


Meet Jamie. Your Leading Podcast Producer.

As a podcast producer and founder of Brave Moon Podcasts, Jamie Kennedy is deeply passionate about helping health and fitness brands to start successful podcasts so they can get unstuck in their business, build confidence in their expertise and better the world through authentic storytelling. 


People normally reach out to Jamie because they’re struggling with launching a podcast while also trying to protect their time and resources, or they’re looking for business growth and brand awareness through the new avenues of marketing and the power of podcasting.


One client described her as “an accountability cheerleader,” while another declared her to be “the best decision for our business.” Her thought leadership has been featured on Podcastle, Go Daddy, and RSS feed, some of the world’s leading software and program solutions for podcasting. 


When she’s not producing podcasts and keeping podcasters organized, you can find her hanging with husband and dog Riggs, practicing yoga, wine tasting or (humbly) winning every game night with friends. Reach out and say ‘hi’ to Jamie on Instagram and stay in-the-know by joining her email community.

Your dream team from home.

We have an incredible team of tactical experts helping make the magic ✨ happen.

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