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How Virgin Active Mastered Audience Engagement Outside of the Gym

Virgin Active Minds Podcast Cover

Key Highlights

Grew follower count 125% in 2023

Top 10% of podcasts globally

Grew download count 50% in 2023

About the Podcast and Brand:

Virgin Active is a global chain of health clubs founded by Sir Richard Branson in 1998, offering gym facilities, group exercise classes, and wellness amenities across various countries. With a focus on making fitness enjoyable and accessible, the company incorporates innovative technology and design into its facilities. The "Virgin Active Minds" podcast was designed to align with the company's mission of promoting health and wellness, covering topics such as fitness, nutrition, mental health, and personal development. 

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Virgin Active faced a significant challenge in communicating to their target demographic that they embraced all dimensions of wellbeing beyond physical fitness within the gym.


Despite their success in doubling their social media followers between 2018 and 2020, they grappled with effectively reaching members outside of the gym environment to enhance retention, engagement, and advocacy for the brand.


While traditional forms of advertising also provided a platform for communication, they sought additional avenues to connect with their audience on a deeper level and promote a holistic approach to wellness.


Recognizing the need to engage with their audience beyond the confines of the gym, Virgin Active strategically leveraged the power of podcasting as a solution to bridge the gap and promote their holistic approach to wellbeing. Launching the "Virgin Active Minds" podcast, they provided a platform to delve into topics such as fitness, nutrition, mental health, and personal development, resonating with their target demographic's broader interests. 


Through compelling storytelling and expert interviews, the podcast effectively communicated Virgin Active's commitment to all dimensions of wellness, fostering deeper connections with their members. This initiative not only enhanced retention but also drove increased engagement and advocacy for the brand, solidifying its position as a leader in the health and wellness industry.

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