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AI-Powered Podcasting: Faster & Easier

Updated: Mar 23

A woman podcaster using AI to make her podcast much easier than doing it by herself.
AI-Powered Podcasting: Faster & Easier

Hey there!, Jamie Kennedy here, podcast expert and Executive Podcast Producer at Brave Moon Podcasts. Today, we're diving into the wild world of using AI for podcasting. Oh yeah, the future is here.

Picture this: three years ago, I spent 12-18 hours per week on every weekly podcast I produced. It was a labor of love, but it was a lot! Writing scripts, editing, show notes—the whole shebang! Fast forward to the present, and guess what? I've managed to cut that time in half. How, you ask? The answer is simple: AI.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of AI magic, let me remind you that time is precious, and we need to make the most of it. You and I both know that sitting in front of a computer all day isn't how we want to spend our lives. So, let's embrace AI to free up more time for the things we love, like sipping wine, practicing yoga, or anything you love to do in your spare time!

Now, let's dive into the fantastic world of AI for podcasting.

Podcasting equipment

Hack AI Program #1 - ChatGPT and Google Bard

Oh, ChatGPT and Google Bard, the dynamic duo of AI conversation! If you haven't heard of at least one of these, you may live under a rock (but that's okay because, believe me, I get it!).

These genius programs are here to make your podcasting life easier and more exciting than ever. With ChatGPT, you can have interactive conversations and ask it to do all sorts of tasks.

Need intriguing podcast episode ideas? Just ask ChatGPT, and it'll shower you with as many unique and exciting topics as you ask for! It's like having a creative brainstorming session with a super-smart AI buddy.

Explore the 18 ChatGPT prompts that can simplify podcast creation, enhance productivity, and effectively engage your audience.

ChatGPT and Google Bard can also help you write your podcast scripts. Say goodbye to pesky writer's block because, with their assistance, you'll have a first draft in no time. Plus, they can create catchy intros and endings your listeners will love.

Hack AI Program #2 - Podcastle—my secret weapon for creating podcasts! This versatile AI-driven platform is perfect for recording and multi-track editing. But the magic doesn't stop there. automatically transcribes your audio content, making editing a breeze. Delete out those umm's and awkward silences like a pro!

The AI audio tools in are top-notch. From noise reduction to equalization and mastering, you'll achieve a studio-quality sound without needing a degree in audio engineering (and believe me, I would know since my Bachelor's degree is in psychology). And, oh, did I mention the text-to-speech feature? You can even have Santa Claus as a co-host. No joke!

One of my favorite things is that the pricing for the plan you want beats the pricing for the other big podcasting recording platforms (Riverside and Squadcast). So, even if it didn't offer even more features than Riverside and Squadcast, I'd still use it for the pricing factor alone.

A special gift to you: Use my code 'BRAVEMOON' and get 3 hours free trial plus 50% off your first month's subscription using this link.

Hack AI Program #3 -

Let's take your podcast marketing game to the next level with This AI powerhouse is all about making your podcast shine and get noticed. How? Well, it starts by converting your audio episodes into accurate text transcripts. With these transcripts, you can easily create engaging blog articles and improve accessibility for the hearing-impaired audience.

As someone who used to spend hours listening to every podcast episode to write show notes, believe me when I say I've tested all of the AI show notes platforms: Capsho, Podium, you name it. But I've discovered that is by far the best platform. It may be a litttttle more expensive, but it's worth every penny. can generate show notes, social media posts, quotes, and even email copy for your subscribers. It's like having a marketing guru right at your fingertips! And the best part is, you can fine-tune everything it generates, so it's tailored just the way you like it.

Hack AI Program #4 - Canva

You don't need design skills to make your podcast stand out! Thanks to Canva's AI-powered design tools, you can create eye-catching cover art and promotional materials like a pro. With tons of templates and color schemes, Canva's AI will make your podcast visuals pop. And that's not all; it even helps with social media marketing. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to stunning graphics that grab your audience's attention.

Hack AI Program #5 - Headliner

Last but not least, we have Headliner, a podcasting magician when it comes to social media clips. Headliner's AI-powered features help you turn snippets of your podcast into captivating videos with captions, animations, and more. Your social media game just leveled up!

What's more, Headliner's AI also aids in audio editing. It transcribes your episodes, making it a breeze to find and share those golden moments with your audience. Who needs a personal assistant when you have Headliner?

To learn more, listen to my podcast episode How to Use AI for Podcasting; the direct link is shared at the top of this article.

Alright, my podcasting extraordinaire, you're now armed with the power of AI for your podcasting journey. Embrace the future, save time, and let your creative genius shine. I'm thrilled to have been a part of your journey and remember, podcasting is your way of leaving a footprint on the world.

So, go out there, be authentic, be honest, and sprinkle in some humor, too! Cheers!

Happy podcasting.

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