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The Fearless Podcaster’s ToolKit
  • The Fearless Podcaster’s ToolKit

    The Fearless Podcaster’s ToolKit


    Step into the world of podcasting with confidence with the Fearless Podcaster’s Toolkit. This comprehensive toolkit is designed for those ready to start their podcasting journey but are apprehensive about the time and effort involved.


    Our toolkit is your ultimate hand-hold, providing you with every template you need to kickstart your podcast. It’s meticulously crafted to make your podcast production process as smooth and straightforward as possible.


    How do we know this? Because every template you will find in this collection is what Jamie, our executive podcast producer, provides to every new podcast client we take on here at Brave Moon Podcasts.


    You’ll receive every. single. template and resource that new podcast clients, paying thousands of dollars, receive when they launch their podcast with Brave Moon Podcasts.


    Still unsure? Let’s hear directly from one of our happy clients who has experienced the benefits of our services firsthand:


    Virgin Active Minds Podcast - Mark Seeto: ‘When it came to starting a podcast for a global fitness health club, we didn’t know where to start. Having Jamie’s attention-to-detail has brought our weekly podcast to life beautifully. Stop worrying and start working with Brave Moon today!’


    The fully editable bundle includes:


    • Episode Planning Template: A comprehensive guide to help you structure your episodes effectively, ensuring you cover all the key points and keep your audience engaged.

    • Interview Framing Questions Template: A set of thought-provoking questions designed to guide your interviews and extract insightful responses from your guests.

    • Guest Preparation & Bio Form: A detailed form for your guests to fill out, providing you with all the necessary background information to introduce them properly to your audience.

    • Guest Release Form: A legal document to secure permission from your guests to use their contributions in your podcast.

    • Recording Tips and Best Practices for Guests: A handy guide to help your guests deliver high-quality audio for a professional-sounding podcast.

    • Guest Vetting Email Templates: Professionally crafted email templates to help you assess potential guests and ensure they are a good fit for your podcast.

    • Episode is Live Email Template: An announcement template to inform your guests when their episode goes live, fostering a sense of excitement and encouraging them to share the episode.

    • Guest Promotion and Marketing Tips: A collection of effective strategies to help your guests promote their episodes and increase your podcast’s reach.

    • Guide on Vetting Great Guests: A step-by-step guide to help you identify and secure high-quality guests who will add value to your podcast.

    • Audio and Video Checklist for Guests: A checklist to ensure your guests have the right setup for high-quality audio and video recording.

    • Guest Workflow Trello Template: A visual workflow in Trello to help you manage your guest-related tasks efficiently.

    • Everything from the Fearless Interview’s Toolkit: All the resources from the Fearless Interview’s Toolkit to help you conduct fearless interviews and create compelling content.

    • BONUS Resources: How to Feel Confident Asking Difficult Questions: Additional resources to help you navigate challenging topics and ask difficult questions with confidence.



    • Podcast Niche, Name and Strategy Brainstorming Worksheet: A worksheet to help you identify your podcast’s niche, come up with a catchy name, and develop a successful strategy.

    Don’t let the podcasting process - or a small budget - stop you from starting the podcast of your dreams. Invest in the Fearless Podcaster’s Toolkit today and take your podcast production to new heights. Discover the difference a robust organizational setup can make to your podcast and the value it brings to your listeners.

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