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Your Budget Guide to Finding the Best Podcast Hosting Platform

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Happyness About Finishing His Run
Your Budget Guide to Finding the Best Podcast Hosting Platform

When you launch your podcast, you’ll realize quickly that:

You need a podcast host, and selecting a podcast host is no easy feat!

But don’t worry; we’re making it easy for you today.

The first question you may have is, what is a podcast hosting platform? So let’s quickly answer that.

First and foremost, a podcast host takes your podcast and every new episode and distributes it to all the listening platforms on which you want to be.

But beyond that, a podcast host can inform you of analytics (how well did your episode perform?) and can even help you monetize your podcast.

There are a lot of podcast hosts out there. So what sets podcast hosts above the rest? Here are a few.

1. IAB Certified.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) sets the standard for podcast episode analytics on the web, ensuring that the correct information is provided on downloads and listener behavior.

Some podcast hosts are certified, and some aren’t! The ones we recommend below are IAB certified.

2. Extra features.

It’s always fun to get more from your experience! So when choosing podcast hosts we adore, we made sure to look for extra features that stand out, such as options to monetize your podcast and additional analytics to understand your listeners.

Looking for extra features

3. User-friendly.

Podcasting shouldn’t be hard! A podcast host should make it easy for you to get your content out there to your listeners as easy as 1, 2, 3.

A podcast host

So how do you ensure you’re on the right one from the start?

And how can you find a podcast host that suits your budget?

Good news. We’ve done the podcast host research for you and included our findings below. And my #1 recommendation is... 🥁 drumroll, please. 🥁

Acast is the best hosting platform for all your needs.

No budget? No worries!

  • Acast has a comprehensive free plan that you can use for the history of your podcast. OR, as your podcast grows, upgrade to get additional benefits you could only dream about for the future of your podcast.

You should also know that for the free plan and beyond, it's:

  • IAB certified.

  • User-friendly

  • Offers great analytics

  • Easy to start monetizing

  • Got a customizable webpage for your podcast

So go on, try it out and let us know how it goes!

We believe in Acast so much, it's the only host we affiliate with.

We hope this helps on your quest to launch your podcast! We can help you choose the right podcast host at Brave Moon Podcasts. Plus, we will launch your podcast and build it successfully with you. So contact us today to learn more!

Happy podcasting.

Please note:

We only endorse products and businesses we trust, and some of the links you find here are affiliates. Your support helps fund our free content on this podcast and our social platforms. Thank you!


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