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How to Build a Successful Health & Fitness Podcast for Your Brand

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

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How to Build a Successful Health & Fitness Podcast. for Your Brand

You’re in the health, fitness and wellbeing space, and you’ve heard podcasts are the way to grow your customer base.

Podcasts are trending, and brands are taking advantage of the fast-paced growth.

With a podcast, you’ll build authority in your industry, grow your audience authentically and organically, and build intimate relationships with potential customers without setting up your first one-on-one consultation.

Here’s what you should do to build a successful podcast for your health and fitness brand.

1. Hone in on your niche

It’s important to know who your target customer is. It’s easy to want to be everybody to everyone because it’s often thought that if you market to everyone, then surely someone will stick.

But in fact, it’s the exact opposite. Not knowing who your target customer means they can’t find you. So get specific.

If you’re asking, “But what if I get too specific and there’s not enough customer base?

Trust me when I say your target customer is out there, and they’re excited to discover you.

You can brainstorm your perfect niche using our free template here. Below are examples to show you what I mean:

You are not a…

You are a…

Your podcast is…

Fitness coach

Fitness coach for women in their 40s.

Fitness for Women in Their 40s

Yoga instructor

Yoga instructor for hard-working corporates

Mindfulness Tips for Corporates


Dietitian for men who want to bulk

Food Advice to Bulk Muscle

An online fitness coach

Once you start a podcast, it’s essential to keep it up. Too many podcasters get deterred by a slow progression of an audience, not realising that listeners crave accountability and loyalty.

Most podcasts I work with have taken six+ months to see their desired results.

So look at your podcast as an investment in something bigger than you can even imagine. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Consistently podcasting

Pro Tip: A great way to start on the right foot is to ensure you have five + episodes ready to go before you go live. This forward-thinking plan sets you up five steps ahead of the game. Then, you can learn from insights and pivot as needed with plenty of time to spare.

3. Promote your podcast

Your podcast production may feel like a lot of work, but the real work is promoting it. Make sure you’re promoting your podcast on all of your platforms.

Use visual and audio snippets to drive awareness. Ask your family, clients and followers to share their favourite episodes.

The more consistently you promote your podcast, the more momentum you’ll gain.

A podcast listener


Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to share your woes, hiccups and bloopers! People want to see real.


If you find your niche, stay consistent and promote your podcast, your health and fitness podcast will be successful. Let us help you! Contact us today to learn more about our podcast management services.

Happy podcasting.

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