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5 Strategic Ways to Get High-Profile Podcast Guests

Updated: Jul 9

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5 Strategic Ways to Get High-Profile Podcast Guests

In the world of podcasting, high-profile guests can significantly enhance your show’s visibility and credibility. But the question arises, how do you attract these guests to your podcast? Let’s discuss some strategies.

I’m Jamie Kennedy, an Executive Podcast Producer at Brave Moon Podcasts. I’ve had the privilege of producing podcasts for renowned health and fitness brands like Virgin Active health clubs, Functional Training Institute, wellbeing coaches like Meg Durham, and many more. If you’re a health and fitness professional or wellness enthusiast aiming to stand out in a saturated market, podcasting is the answer. Consider podcasting as a potent marketing tool that can amplify your brand, share your story, and help shape the future.

High-profile guests like Richard Branson can bring immense value to a podcast. Their prominence and influence can draw a larger audience, increase the podcast’s visibility and credibility, open up opportunities for collaborations and sponsorships, and boost your credibility and authority in your shared topic of interest.

Here are five strategies to attract high-profile guests:

1. Elevate Your Podcast’s Credibility

Before you reach out to high-profile guests, focus on enhancing your podcast’s credibility. Ensure your show has a polished and professional image. A well-put-together podcast thumbnail, title, description, and a dedicated landing page for your podcast can go a long way. If you’re unsure about your podcast thumbnail or your podcast landing page, reach out to me! I offer a free podcast audit where I review your podcast and provide feedback on what you can do to improve it.

2. Create a Media Kit

A media kit is a promotional tool that provides essential information about your podcast to potential guests, sponsors, and the media. It typically includes details about your podcast, your audience and demographics, past achievements and episodes of note, and ways in which potential guests can engage with your show. If you’re unsure how to create a media kit, Canva offers a wide variety of media kit templates.

3. Showcase Your Previous High-Profile Guests

Showcase your previous high-profile guests in your media kit and on your podcast landing page. This serves as social proof and demonstrates that other respected professionals have found value in being on your show.

4. Emphasize the Mutual Benefits

When reaching out to high-profile guests, highlight the mutual benefits of the collaboration. Explain how their presence on your podcast can provide exposure to a specific, engaged audience that aligns with their target demographic.

5. Persistence and Patience

Landing high-profile guests often requires persistence and patience. Understand that these individuals have busy schedules and may receive numerous interview requests. Always follow up respectfully and express genuine interest in having them on your podcast.

Attracting high-profile guests to your podcast may seem challenging, but with the right strategies, it’s entirely possible. Remember, every podcast has its unique value and potential to attract high-profile guests.

Are you ready to take your podcast to the next level? Sign up for our free checklist: The Guest Credibility Checklist. This checklist serves as your guide to assess the credibility of potential guests, ensuring a high-quality conversation for your listeners. Are you ready to enhance your podcast with the perfect guests? Sign up today and start your journey towards a more engaging and credible podcast! 

Happy podcasting.

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