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Boost Your Podcast Promotion Online with These 5 Strategies

Updated: May 4

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Get More Listeners by Boosting your Podcast Online with These 5 Strategies

Picture this scenario: you've meticulously crafted an exceptional boot camp class. It's the perfect blend of intensity and progression, with spot-on safety considerations, an epic playlist, variety, and fun. You've even fine-tuned it after months of hard work. But on the day of your class, you're locked inside the studio with no way for clients to enter, and worse, you haven't advertised it. All your effort seems wasted.

This unfortunate situation is similar to creating a podcast and not promoting it everywhere it should be.

In this episode (and article!), we'll explore the critical places on the internet where your podcast should be to reach your dream listeners effectively.

BTW, if you’re wondering who I am and why I’m writing this… I'm Jamie Kennedy, the Executive Podcast Producer behind Brave Moon Podcasts, and I'm here to guide you on your podcasting journey.

So, where exactly should your podcast be on the internet? Because you certainly don’t need to feel overwhelmed and feel like you need to be everywhere in order to gain listenership. That’s too much for one podcaster to handle!

So here are the top 5 places your podcast should be:

1. Podcast Listening Apps

Your podcast should be available on major platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts. YouTube is also the 1 place to put a video podcast, and is also rolling out audio podcasts as of 2023. These listening apps (aka podcast directories) are like billboards for podcast discovery, ensuring your content reaches a wide audience primed for podcast consumption.

2. Social Media

Establish a presence on 2-3 social media platforms that align with your dream listener demographics. Think Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube…research where your dream listener is hanging out online and jump on there. Anymore than that for a one- or two-person team is going to feel overwhelming! Instead, focus on quality over quantity and share teasers, behind-the-scenes clips, tips, and advice related to your episodes.

3. Dedicated Website or Webpage

Create a dedicated website or webpage to showcase your podcast episodes, bios, and links to other platforms. This is your podcast's home base. Think about directing potential listeners to this website or webpage, because it can be used as a directory to point your listeners to the listening app of their choice.

Pressed for time or unable to create something? Your podcast hosting platform (like Acast) will provide a free destination webpage for your podcast. Only problem with these webpages is they tend to be brand-centric to your podcast hosting platform, and majorly advertise for their services through your podcast webpage!

4. Online Community

Build an online community, such as a Facebook group or LinkedIn group, where listeners can connect, discuss episodes, and engage with your content.

5. Email List

Start building an email list using platforms like MailerLite or ConvertKit. Encourage listeners to subscribe by offering incentives related to your podcast niche, such as freebies or exclusive content.

Within each of these 5 online places, the content you produce and set live will ultimately help potential dream listeners on a journey from first becoming aware of your podcast to turning into your biggest advocate. I refer to this as your podcast-led marketing funnel. Here’s what I mean:

The Podcast-Led Marketing Funnel

Your podcast should take your dream listeners on a journey, from awareness to consideration to conversion and advocacy.

Marketing Funnel for Podcasts

Awareness: Make sure your podcast is discoverable on podcast listening apps, establish a social media presence, create a dedicated website, join online communities, and build an email list.

Consideration: Post content that helps potential listeners decide if your podcast is right for them. Optimize show notes, share teasers on social media, create blog posts, engage in online communities, and send engaging email newsletters.

Conversion: Make it easy for potential listeners to subscribe. Include clear calls to action in show notes, social media, website, online communities, and email newsletters.

Advocacy: Encourage subscribers to leave 5-star reviews, share episodes, and spread the word about your podcast. Leverage social proof and user-generated content.

Promoting your podcast on the internet is vital for expanding your reach.

While it may seem like a lot, adopting this content strategy can save you marketing hours and lead to podcasting success.

Remember, persistence and consistency are key to achieving your podcasting goals.

Stay tuned for more tips and hacks on my Instagram @about.jamie, and keep those conversations flowing as you continue being an amazing creator.

Happy podcasting.

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