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How to Attract New Clients with Online Marketing

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How to Attract New Clients with Online Marketing

Hey coach! Feeling a little lost in the marketing jungle? Jamie Kennedy from Brave Moon Podcasts here, helping you rise above the noise and turn your skills into profit with podcasting. In this episode, we explore how podcasting can be a game-changer in online marketing.

We share the inspiring journey of Sarah, a personal trainer who transitioned from gym training to her own online fitness coaching business.

Sarah’s story highlights the critical role of consistency, authenticity, and strategic online presence in attracting and retaining clients. We explore her challenges, from initial client acquisition hurdles to her ultimate success in building a thriving client base.

This episode is packed with practical tips and strategies, spotlighting podcasting as a key tool in establishing a robust online presence. We discuss the unique advantage of podcasting in forging a deeper connection with the audience, providing a platform for sharing expertise, and fostering trust. This episode serves as a valuable guide for anyone aiming to utilize podcasting and other online platforms for client acquisition. It’s an essential listen for those keen on understanding the intricacies of online marketing in the fitness industry.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • My client Sarah’s journey in building her online fitness coaching business through podcasting.

  • The role of consistency, authenticity, and a well-rounded online presence in attracting ideal clients.

  • Practical tips and strategies for using podcasting and other online platforms for client acquisition.

Transcribed Podcast Episode

Now, let’s move forward and explore the full conversation from the podcast episode. Here’s the complete transcript for a more detailed look at our discussion:

I have a podcast client, her name is Sarah. She’s a certified personal trainer and super passionate about what she does. After years of training clients in gyms, she decided to branch out and start her own online fitness coaching business, crafting personalized training and nutrition programs for clients remotely. 

First things first. Since she knew she could take on a client really anywhere, she needed to invest in her online presence. And so she poured her heart and soul into creating a visually appealing website on Squarespace, started posting religiously on Instagram, and launched a podcast with yours truly offering valuable workout tips and healthy recipes.

However, it was clear early on that client acquisition became her biggest hurdle. The initial enthusiasm fizzled, and her inbox remained depressingly empty. Sarah questioned her methods - should she add more to her plate, like get on TikTok? She even invested in online marketing courses, but the desired results continued to elude her.

The doubts crept in – "Was her brand not resonating? Were her prices too high? Was the online fitness market too saturated? What was she doing wrong

A couple months in, Sarah came to me questioning whether she could continue the podcast. Savings were dwindling, and she wasn’t seeing the results she wanted. She had a family to financially support, and she was feeling insecure. I reminded her that building a business and podcast took time and consistency, and we decided to press on for a few months. After all, I always say it will take about 10 episodes to really start to see results. 

Not much later after our phone call, Sarah received her very first heartfelt message from a listener of her podcast. The listener expressed how Sarah's positive energy and practical advice motivated them to start their fitness journey. She also spotted her first 5 star review, and then another, and another. Suddenly, the online silence seemed less daunting. 

I still remember her email to me, in all caps, sharing the exciting news. But it was clear she was getting it: that building a business took time, consistency, and most importantly, genuine connection with her audience.

And so she continued to focus on creating content that resonated with her ideal client on her podcast, drawing them back to her website with free resources, and then offering free consultations to build trust. That nurturing journey worked for her.

Slowly, inquiries started trickling in, then a steady stream, ultimately leading to a thriving client base only a few months later.

All of this to share that the success you’re seeking for your business? Is just around the corner. So today, let’s talk about what exactly you need to do online in order to attract your dream clients.

Alright, coach, let's talk strategy! You know the struggle: juggling a million platforms online like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, your website, email list, online communities, Pinterest, oh my god, there’s just so many options online. Sometimes it just feels like a loop, creating endless content, feeling like you're scattering yourself so thin online.

But there’s one online medium that is standing out as an incredible way to build trust, get your expertise in front of the right people and create a loyal community around your brand, all while making your online presence a little easier to manage - and that, coach, is a podcast.

Think about it. When you listen to a podcast, you connect with the host's voice, their personality, their passion. You know, like mine. Anyway, that creates trust - more so than even Instagram or TikTok can do, because you’re spending so much more quality time with your podcast listeners - educating and inspiring them on their journey. When you share your knowledge, your story, and your infectious enthusiasm for fitness, boom, instant connection.

Podcasting lets you laser-target your audience. Want to coach runners? Dive deep into training tips and race strategies. Passionate about healthy eating? Whip up some mouthwatering recipes and nutrition hacks. The reason niching your podcast is so effective is because your dream listeners, aka dream clients, are currently searching in the podcast listening apps for podcasts that meet their needs. A runner might currently be searching for “running tips” or “how to avoid a running injury” - and your podcast about running is going to suit them way more than a personal trainer talking about any old fitness tips. So a niche podcast gets you in front of your dream clients, who in turn will see how much value you provide, and will find a way to work with you on a deeper level.

Plus, here's the beauty: once you record an episode, it's out there forever. Evergreen content. People can discover your podcast months down the line, and bam, you're reaching even more folks ready to crush their fitness goals. 

The entire concept is so strong to me, that your entire online presence strategy can center around podcasting. Everywhere else you are online can and should delineate from it. Imagine your podcast as the sun, and every other channel - like social media or your website - is a planet.

So let’s talk about how to make your podcast content so good that even Pluto feels warm. Shoutout if you were alive when pluto was still a planet.

First things first: know your niche within the fitness world. Are you obsessed with the perfect squat alignment, know exactly how to get runners ready for a marathon, or do you know the recipes to get a bodybuilder ready for their next competition? Chances are, you’re more of an expert at something than you realize. If you aren’t sure, I have a helpful niche brainstorming worksheet on my website; it’s free in exchange for your email address, and it really will help you land on an expertise that feels right to you.

Now, once you know your niche and your dream client, it’s important you speak directly to them about their struggles and goals. Imagine a newbie client feeling lost in the weight room – give them clear workout tips, modifications, and even a beginner-friendly training plan in your next episode. That's the content that resonates - and will make or break your podcast!

Actionable tips in your content is key. Don't just describe a killer HIIT workout, make your listeners feel the burn with instructions so clear they could practically coach themselves. Share modifications for different fitness levels, and even offer progressions for those ready to push further. This level of education is what listeners and viewers of your content expect - and will make them appreciative for the time you took to invest in educating them. 

As you’re creating content, you don’t have to be the solo trainer. Collaborate! Interview a sports physiotherapist about injury prevention, have a registered dietitian discuss healthy meal prepping, or feature inspiring stories from clients who’ve already crushed their fitness goals. Different voices, different perspectives, will add depth and credibility to your podcast. 

Remember, consistency is the key to unlocking new clients. Stick to a schedule, whether it's weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Build anticipation, let your audience know when to expect their next dose of fitness wisdom. Think of it like their personalized workout routine – they wouldn't want random exercises popping up, right? Keep them hooked by showing up reliably, coach!

Now it’s time to take your podcast to everywhere else in your solar system. Meaning it’s time to attract new clients through the other online channels, creating a well-rounded presence that works. 

So imagine this: You record an episode on weight training for beginners. That episode audio? becomes your core. You transcribe it for SEO-rich blog content which acts as an organic traffic magnet. You can take small snippets from the episode and turn them into social media teasers, sparking engagement. You can engage in fitness forums, offering real solutions to people’s real problems, suggesting their listen to your podcast episode for advice. 

And your podcast starts the conversation with your dream clients - you can share an email opt-in freebie, which puts potential dream clients into your email list. And in the show notes, you can link back to your website, your social media, any place you have online presence - because people who connect with your podcast are more likely to subscribe to your blog, engage on social media, and ultimately, become your dream client.

Your podcast content is also shareable. Listeners become your brand ambassadors, recommending your episodes to their networks, expanding your reach organically. Suddenly, you're not just creating content, you're fostering a community, a tribe of fitness enthusiasts rallying around your message. 

Now it’s 5 hacks time.

What I’m going to do for 5 hacks this episode is I’m going to break down the 5 places you should be online to attract your dream clients. 

#1 Your Podcast. Plain and simple.

#2 A website. This serves as your online home base, where you can showcase your expertise, share valuable content, and capture leads. Embed your podcast episodes prominently, use podcast transcripts for SEO, and offer free resources related to your podcast topics.

#3 Social Media: Choose platforms where your target audience actively engages, like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Share snippets and teasers of your podcast episodes, host live Q&A sessions, and engage with comments and messages. Encourage listeners to share your content and tag their friends who might be interested. Hack within a hack: choose 1 or 2 platforms max. I know it feels so tempting to join them all - what if your target audience would resonate with your content better somewhere else? But I promise, you’re going to spread yourself so thin, you won’t have enough time to create valuable content. You’re better off doing 1 right, than 10 wrong. Besides, your podcast should be your focal point!

#4 Online Community: Create or join a group where your ideal clients gather, like Facebook groups, forums, or subreddits. Offer valuable insights, answer questions related to your expertise, and subtly mention your podcast as a resource for deeper dives. Remember, genuine engagement is key here.

#5 Email Marketing: Build an email list through your website, social media, or lead magnets related to your podcast content. Offer valuable newsletters, exclusive episodes, or early access to content in exchange for subscriptions. Use your email list to nurture leads and convert them into clients.

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Happy podcasting.

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