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How to Find Outstanding Podcast Guests

Updated: Jul 9

A crowd of podcast guests excited to be featured on a podcast.
How to Find Outstanding Podcast Guests

When you're embarking on your podcasting journey, one of the most exciting and daunting aspects is finding the right guests to feature on your show.

Podcast guests can very well be the lifeblood of your content, providing unique insights, diverse perspectives, and engaging conversations that keep your audience coming back for more.

So let’s walk through a strategic approach to vetting and selecting podcast guests that align with your show's theme and resonate with your audience.

Crafting Your Podcast Guest List

A podcaster talking to a guest

Creating a stellar podcast guest list begins with a blend of intuition and strategy. As a podcast creator, you deeply understand your niche and audience, making it essential to find guests who not only have expertise but also align with your show's values.

Here are some key steps to help you find, research, and pitch podcast guests effectively:

Search Listening Apps: Start by reviewing podcast guests on listening apps. This ensures they are comfortable being guests and have the necessary equipment. Also, you can gauge their speaking style, opinions, and alignment with your values.

Leverage Your Network: Reach out to contacts, friends, and acquaintances. Networking can uncover hidden gems and mutual connections that can facilitate introductions to potential guests.

Social Media Platforms: Utilize platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn to find confident speakers whose expertise aligns with your show's theme. Follower count and engagement level can indicate their reach.

Podcast Directories: Explore podcast directories like and Podcast Guests to connect with individuals actively seeking podcast opportunities.

Guest Pitch Submissions: As your podcast gains traction, experts may seek you out. Create a webpage for guest pitch submissions on your website, complete with submission guidelines.

The Vetting Process: Ensuring the Right Fit

As you identify potential podcast guests, it's crucial to assess their compatibility with your show. And don't underestimate the power of staying organized! We've got you covered with a complimentary spreadsheet template to keep your guest planning organized. Click here and find it in our complimentary resources page.

And here are five key hacks to avoid common mistakes and ensure a successful guest vetting process:

Vet for Diversity: Embrace diversity in your guest lineup. Reach out to guests from various backgrounds and industries to provide a well-rounded experience for your listeners.

Align with Your Theme: Ensure alignment between your guest's expertise and your podcast's theme. The values you hold and the content you produce should harmonize.

Pre-Interview Chat: Don't miss the golden opportunity of a pre-interview chat. Establish rapport, prepare the guest, and set expectations to ensure a smooth and engaging conversation.

Consider Listener Impact: Always consider the potential impact of your guest on your audience. Balance personal interests with your listeners' needs and expectations.

Do Your Research: Thorough research is key. Dive deep into your guest's work, achievements, and recent endeavors. This not only helps craft insightful questions but also demonstrates your dedication to providing value.

Crafting the Perfect Outreach Message

Once you've identified potential guests and assessed their fit, it's time to approach them with a compelling outreach message. You can access my email templates that converted Dr. Megan Rossi and Dr. Tim Spector into guests - plus so much more in our proprietary Be My Guest template bundle here.

Building Relationships and Leaving an Impact

Approach potential guests with respect, enthusiasm, and a clear understanding of how their participation contributes to your podcast's value.

Engage with their content on social media, show genuine interest in their expertise, and consider a pre-interview chat to establish rapport.

In conclusion, the process of finding better podcast guests involves a blend of research, intuition, and strategic outreach. By embracing diversity, aligning with your theme, and carefully researching potential guests, you'll create impactful conversations that resonate with your audience. Remember, you have the power to craft interviews that leave a lasting impact, and with the right approach, you'll curate a podcast guest list that truly shines.

Happy podcasting.

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