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How to Have Better Podcast Interviews with Guests

Updated: May 4

Health and fitness podcasters having awesome podcast interviews with guests
How to Have Better Podcast Interviews With Guests

So, you've scored that dream guest for your show? Fantastic! Now, let's dive straight into the art of crafting compelling conversations, preparing for interviews, and avoiding those cringeworthy new-host blunders.

Let's Get Practical

Let's dive into the heart of podcasting – interviews. You've got that fantastic guest lined up, and it's time to prepare like a pro.

If you’re interested in the 4 most common mistakes, definitely check that out. It will help you be primed and ready for the big day.

Framing Your Interview Questions

In the world of podcasting, effective interview questions are the keys to engagement. As someone who has delved into storytelling structure for years, I've uncovered a powerful truth: there's a definite method to framing your questions.

But why does this matter? Well, when your questions follow a well-crafted structure, your listeners can effortlessly follow along, staying captivated throughout the conversation – and that's the ultimate goal.

Let's jump right into it.

1. Starting strong with opening questions. Begin with a compelling opening and setup questions that instantly grab attention and set the tone. Think about questions like, "What drove you to explore [episode topic]?" or "Why is [episode topic] such a vital conversation?" This approach introduces the episode's theme, guiding your guest to share their expertise in that area.

2. Continue with ‘struggle’ questions. Let's uncover the struggles related to your episode's topic. These questions resonate profoundly because your audience likely tunes in seeking solutions to their own challenges. For instance, if your episode focuses on Podcast Guest Interviews, your listeners are probably pondering familiar struggles: finding the right guests, getting them on board, and knowing what to discuss. These struggles captivate our attention, tapping into our primal instinct to survive by learning from others' mistakes. So, when shaping this part of the interview, consider asking, "Can you share a common hurdle faced by individuals dealing with [episode topic]?" or "What challenges often arise when people confront [episode topic]?"

3. Next is the ‘overcoming’ questions. The next step is uncovering the "how" – strategies to overcome these challenges. Just like our distant caveman ancestors, we're wired to seek solutions. Your role as the supportive coach shines here, guiding both your listeners and your guest towards solutions. Frame questions like, "What tactics helped you triumph over obstacles?" or "If a listener is struggling with [episode topic], what's your number one recommendation?"

4. Finish with the ‘closing’ questions. These are like the final stretches of a yoga session, leaving your audience refreshed and invigorated. Consider inquiries such as "What advice do you have for someone embarking on a health journey?" or "Where can people connect with you to dive deeper into this topic?" These closing queries provide actionable takeaways that your listeners will truly value.

5 Hacks to Create More Compelling Conversations

Podcast conversations

Now, let's get down to the core of it all. Here's a foolproof five-step plan for creating captivating podcast interviews:

Hack 1: The Mirror Technique – Tune into your guest's emotions. When they're sharing successes, celebrate with them. When they mention struggles, show empathy. Your authentic reactions add flavor to the conversation.

Hack 2: Be the Thread Weaver – Just like a skilled weaver crafting a beautiful tapestry, thread your questions with meaning. Create a narrative that guides the conversation while connecting topics. This keeps your listeners engaged and eager for more.

Hack 3: The Power of Repeating – When your guest drops a gem, don't hesitate to repeat it. Repetition emphasizes the insights and helps your listeners absorb the information.

Hack 4: The Personal Share – Don't shy away from sharing your own experiences. It builds trust and fosters a genuine connection between you and your audience.

Hack 5: The Musical Bridge – Introduce a touch of musical excitement. Begin a question with a musical note to capture your listeners' attention and infuse energy into the conversation.

Embrace Your Podcasting Journey

As you step into the world of podcast interviews, remember to embrace your uniqueness and let your personality shine. Imperfections are what make your show real and relatable. So, let's raise a virtual toast to your podcasting adventure! Each episode is a chance to inspire, support, and connect with your audience.

Until our next encounter, keep those mics rolling and conversations flowing. You've got the skills and knowledge to create podcasting magic.

Use our Effortless Podcast Guest Organization template to streamline your podcast guest management process and ensure that every episode is a resounding success.

Happy podcasting.

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