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Writing Traffic-Driving Podcast Show Notes: Tips for Attracting New Listeners

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Person Typing Notes For Their Podcast
Writing Traffic-Driving Podcast Show Notes: Tips for Attracting New Listeners

There’s no doubt that podcast show notes are essential. But for time-poor people who are already listening rather than reading, your show notes need to be brief, beneficial, and SEO-driven to help attract listeners. Otherwise, they can be a waste of time.

So, how do you write quality show notes to hook your listeners? There are a couple of crucial things to consider:

1. A Quality Summary

A quality summary from group of friends

A good summary should give the gist of the episode – without giving too much away – and hook listeners.

Depending on the style of your podcast, you’ll want to entice listeners with something in the same vein; if your podcast is educational, what will listeners learn?

If your podcast is entertainment-focused, hook them in with a hilarious or cringe-worthy story preview. Make your listeners want to know more!

2. Quotes & Key Messages

Chuck Norris Quote On Positivity

Show notes allow you to consolidate the podcast content by emphasizing key messages and takeaways for listeners.

Quotes from the episode can also be easily shared, increasing your potential audience.

Sometimes, a few choice quotes are enough to entice a new listener – capture life-changing epiphanies, heartfelt messages, or downright outrageous statements that require more context, which listeners will satisfy only by tuning in!

These titbits also make for excellent social media content, a great way for listeners to see snippets in their social feeds and prompt them to go and listen!

3. Additional Resources & SEO

Although some podcasters would like to speak endlessly, there has to be an endpoint. Your show notes are the perfect opportunity to include additional resources when listeners want more!

Links to further reading or listening, sources (to cite information gathered), guest bios and cross-promotion to other relevant episodes will increase listener engagement.

One final way of attracting new listeners is SEO; embed your show notes with keywords and phrases to get your notes to rank highly in search engine results.

If you can hone these three components when writing show notes, they’ll serve their purpose of retaining existing listeners and attracting new listeners. Ready to outsource your show notes to an expert? We're here to help! Contact us today.

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Happy podcasting.

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