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How to Outsource Podcast Production and Save Yourself Money and Time

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

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How to Outsource Podcast Production and Save Yourself Money and Time

When starting a podcast, the tasks feel exciting and new. But as the weeks continue, the novelty fades, and you'll inevitably begin to feel bored with those same tasks.

Don't worry; it's natural to feel that way!

But you don't want to get bored enough to stop publishing live episodes or lose consistency. Why?

Because podcast growth only comes from consistency and promotion.

As the podcast creator, your job should focus on creating the episode content. The other tasks are mundane and a waste of your precious time. 👎

How much is an hour of your time worth? Considering you'll never get that hour back, it's worth a lot.

So, how much would you pay someone to give you that hour? Whether you use that hour to create more episodes or relax with your kids, it is worth every dollar spent.

So, let's discuss ways to make podcasting easier and faster from the start. Setting yourself up for success will give you a leg up on the competition, and you'll see podcast growth in no time.

1. Audio Editing.

Outsourcing your audio editing can work for two reasons. (1) You no longer spend mundane hours editing out voice tics and awkward pauses.

A person doing audio editing

(2) Your sound quality more than likely will improve. When you outsource to an audio professional, they will make it sound its best. It's a true win-win to outsource your audio editing!

Here at Brave Moon Podcasts, we offer detailed audio editing at a competitive rate. Check us out here.

2. Show Notes and Transcription.

Many podcasters forget the importance of show notes, but that's a huge mistake.

Show notes are crucial to your podcast's discoverability - on listening platforms and search engines. When you outsource your show notes to an SEO copywriter, your episodes will see a boost in organic reach.

This quickly equates to listener growth - the goal for any podcast! Also, when you outsource your show notes to a copywriter, your episode is objectively seen through the eyes of a third party. As the podcaster, you work very closely with your episodes.

You might not recognise the value in certain moments of an episode.

But a copywriter will!

Your copywriter will objectively review your episode and find treasures you didn't realise were there.

Brave Moon Podcasts is home to a host of experienced copywriters who live for SEO. We can create basic show notes that capture the essence of your podcast. We can also write articles and transcribe your episode, perfect for driving awareness back to your podcast. So come check out our offering.

3. Graphic Design.

Being a podcast DIY'er is impressive. You've probably learned every trick to get your podcast up and running.

But have you considered the level of professionalism your podcast portrays?

Your artwork is the first thing a potential listener sees; first impressions matter. Graphic design is easy to throw together using Canva (we love Canva, too!), but are you putting your best foot forward? Are you taking advantage of looking and feeling your best online?

Hiring a graphic designer is an easy, cost-effective way to make your podcast look professional. And no matter how long your podcast has been up and running, it's not too late to upgrade.

You can work with a talented graphic artists right here at Brave Moon Podcasts. Contact us today to learn more!

4. Social Media Promotion.

It's safe to say there's nothing harder than promoting yourself and your podcast. You've spent so much time and energy creating and publishing the episode; surely that's enough? You've already had to move on to next week's episode!

A health and fitness influencer

The last thing you want to do is figure out how to promote last week's episode.

But not promoting your episodes is a huge mistake.

The marketing rule of 7 states that a potential [listener] needs to see a message seven times before clicking.

That requires a ton of time and energy on your part. Or you can outsource this task and keep focused on your next podcast episode.

Brave Moon Podcasts works with talented Social Media Managers that will help drive new listeners to your podcast. Please work with us today!

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Happy podcasting.

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