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Simplify Podcast Workflow: 3 Steps for Success and Growth

Updated: May 3

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Simplify Podcast Workflow: 3 Steps for Success and Growth

The number 1 reason podcasters stop podcasting is that they haven't figured out how to simplify their podcast workflow.

In the beginning, when your mojo is flowing and you're excited for your podcast to go live, all of the steps to create your podcast feel new and exciting.

But by the fourth week, you're probably questioning why you started in the first place. 😅

Because podcasts usually take time and consistency to build a listenership, giving up on your fourth week (probably) won't result in a successful podcast. Here at Brave Moon Podcasts, we wanted to change that.

So how can we make every step of the podcasting workflow easy for you? Here are a few of the processes we implemented that just work.

You may already think you can't afford to outsource your least favourite tasks. But let me share something with you.

Your time is your most valuable asset.

How much is an hour of your time worth?

Because you don't get that hour back.


That's how valuable an hour of your time is.

Could that hour be worth $500 to you? $1,000?

Whatever amount it is, your time is priced a lot higher than you would spend to outsource your most time-consuming tasks.

In addition, if you outsource to an expert, like Brave Moon Podcasts, you're also receiving more bang for your buck than if you learned it and did it yourself, because you'll be:

  • Letting someone else write your SEO-savvy show notes.

  • Seeing how good an audio editor can finesse your episode.

  • Sitting back and relax as a marketing expert creates your video snippets for promotional material.

Please chat with us today about your most time-consuming tasks and what you wish could be taken off your plate, well, yesterday!

2. Organize your workflow

Starting a podcast can be a bit of a 'fly by the seat of your pants' adventure, especially at the beginning.

So organising your workflow can help you better understand every step you need to take to bring your podcast episodes to life. We use Trello to help create a podcasting workflow and Google Drive to keep everything organised.

And here's a FREEBIE for you! Get organized with the podcast workflow template we use for Trello daily. It's a game-changer to know where your podcast workflow is, every step of the way! Access it simply via our freebies.

Trello podcast episode planner

3. Promote with ease

The most simple and effective design tool you can use is Canva. With a premium account (minimal budget required), you can set up a go-to brand palette you can use for every promotional asset you create for your podcast.

You can work with static and stills to capture every type of audience online. You can even create your podcast thumbnail! It's the easiest solution for your podcast's all-inclusive, professionally branded look.

I hope these tips help you build practical solutions into your current podcast workflow.

If you have any questions or want to chat with us today about how we can help, contact us or check out our website to learn more!

Happy podcasting.

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